Friday, July 9, 2010

Jack, Sondra and Richard Oh My!

           You got to get started somewhere. 
          It was 1958 when a boyish Jack Nicholson starred in horror movie called the Cry Baby Killer. He might want to cry if he saw it today. But the B-grade flick got him some basic experience and excellent exposure. It also created a movie now a cult hit. 

         Sondra Lock was Jesus. Richard Dreyfuss was one of her disciples. Michelle Pfeiffer was a socialite in a role so forgettable I'll bet she's forgot. Sonda Lock looked so young and fragile she's nearly androgynous. The movie is called The Second Coming of Suzanne. To call it bizarre is kind. And if you have enough money you can hire a few hippies who will do to anything in front of a camera. Ask Norman Mailer

         Here's a scene from Little Shop that I'm sure ever film lover has scene by now (How many movies go on to become Broadway hits and re-filmed blockbusters?):    

This is just plain weird:


 This Alfred Hitchcock episode with John CassavetesJohn Cassavetes is quite good, but then, Hitchcock was a master:

Pre-Death Wish franchise:

Go here for the flick  if you'd like to buy the double feature The Second Coming of Suzanne and Power, Passion and Murder (Michelle Pfeiffer).  Please see more videos on My YouTube Channel 

This is best to find great flicks

YOU GOT TO see this, fans of Jack Nicholson and lovers of cinema. I wish I could take credit for this exhilarating piece of video editing which is an amazing tribute to the films of Jack Nicholson. It is the work of Billyscreeningroom2 on YouTube and is one of the best pieces of film editing I've seen. Enjoy: