Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Fair!

      Okay, we've all seen the movie  Creature From The Black Lagoon at some point or another. It was released in 1954. That's a long time ago. Even before my time!

       One of the stars was the young and beautiful ingenue Julie Adams. Twenty years later, the same woman was one of the main characters in another B-grade science fiction bomb called Psychic killer. It was so bad, it was good. That had some heavy hitters, too: Adams, Jim Hutton and Paul Burke. There were spots for Neville Brande and Della Reese and you could tell those two were just having a rip of a time with their  stupid scene. However, it never achieved much status, much less the cult status of Creature.

     First let me say I've seen sci fi flicks they are not really my cup of tea except I liked Outland. (I haven't seen Avatar and really no desire to). Science fiction movies it seems like no other genre achieve cult status with a fervent, devoted following. Look at the Star Trek franchise, going back to the original TV show (which I'm old enough to recall). Another great sci fi flick: The Blob. Did you know that Steve McQueen the dolt gave up any percentage of the gross and instead took the cash up front, which was like $1,000. That came right from the lips of Neils his ex-wife. McQueen trivia: The only time he and his wife was on screen together was in a 1961 Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.
    To the point: Julie Adams looks as good in Psychic Killer as she did in Creature. Well almost. She might have had some work but if so, it sure was well done and subtle. Good genes and she probably took good care of herself. But genes call so many of the shots. Who said life was fair?    
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